What Sets Us Apart

We are sure you have seen the signs before: a practice advertises as a “family” dental office. The idea of family takes on a whole new meeting at Integrative Dental Care. Many of our patients share how amazed they are at how it seems like every team member truly cares about not only them as a patient, but about the other team members. This feedback — which we receive daily — is what inspired us to share our story with you of how our dental team family was created.

Let’s take a step back to 1978 when Dr. Robert Wortzel bought a prestigious dental practice in Mountainside. He had only been in practice for 6 months when he found himself desperately in need of an assistant. He called the local dental assisting school and the head of the program, Florette Applebaum, answered the phone. Florette said she was just about to graduate a new class and (perhaps slyly) sent over the number-one student in her class, Donna Baughman.

To make a long story short, Dr. Rob and Donna fell in love and married in 1983. Over the next several years, Donna became a dental hygienist, she and Dr. Rob continued to grow their practice, and they had two daughters, Lisa and Arielle. We should also mention that Florette came to work at the practice for more than 20 years and another member was added to our growing “dental family”!

When Dr. Rob and Donna’s oldest daughter, Lisa, was 15, she fell in love with what dentistry could offer and how she could use it to help change people’s lives. Lisa went to dental school certain that she would one day join her parents in offering exceptional dental care to every patient. On the first day of dental school, Lisa met a fellow student named Mumta and they became best friends immediately. They shared the dream of their friendship turning into a dental partnership in which they could use dentistry to offer a way to help patients improve the quality of their lives in a nurturing environment. 

After completing their hospital residencies, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Mumta joined the dental family of Integrative Dental Care with mutual excitement, passion, and anticipation. Together, every member of our team family works side by side to provide a unique dental experience where you can feel safe, comfortable, and empowered to be in charge of your own dental health.

Our family at Integrative Dental Care is excited and honored to take care of you and your family, and to build a lifelong relationship!

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